The Story Began in 2016 with a Mission to
Create the Best Book Shopping Experience in Bangladesh


Wasiul Hoque

Wasiul Hoque is the man responsible for overall growth and direction of the company.

Shuaib Aktar

Is responsible for the complete operation of the company from customer acquisition to product delivery

Lutfor Rahman

Head of Logistics
The man who handles the complicated delivery channel of Papertree. From Teknaf to Tetulia he has got you covered

The Brand Manifesto


Book Purchasing should be a a pleasant experience and in the 21st Century we Bangladeshis should not need thorough a hell of a journey to get our hands on latest releases or bestsellers.
At Papertree we are solving this problem and making book purchasing an unique experience as it always should have been. Search from millions of international books just by using keywords. We guarantee the originality of each product and thrive to provide the most competitive pricing.